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 One of my earliest memories is standing in a chair helping my grandmother pour and stir in ingredients. The older I got, the more things she let me do in the kitchen; measure, use the stove and oven, season the flour and shake the pork chops, and turn the bacon. She was patient with me and explained why certain ingredients went together or why she did things the way she did.


October 2021 marked my grandmother's 100th birthday. I created Granny Smith's Apples as a way for me to carry-on and share the love and joy of cooking that I learned from my her. I hope to create a community where we share, learn, and grow in keeping cooking traditions alive.


Why Granny Smith's Apples? Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are her legacies. Collectively we refer to ourselves as Granny Smith’s Apples. 

I hope you'll join me in this journey of love, family, and food. 

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I am a proud #justakidfromAkron, Ohio, and the second oldest grandchild of C.W. and Marian Smith, my maternal grandparents.

My grandma retired from her part-time job when I was about two years old and took care of me during the day while my parents were at work. Living less than a mile from my house, I spent countless nights, weeks, and summers at my grandparents' house.

It is difficult to count the ways that I am like my grandmother; the way I eat, my eyes, my tastes, and the way I cook.


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